Monday, April 14, 2014

Mahoghany campaign chest


This hand crafted, solid mahoghany chest is reminiscent of the days when British (and American) army officers transported copious personal baggage and furniture on long campaigns. Wooden campaign chests served as sturdy luggage, portable offices and most importantly…as a field bar!

The field bar before you is built of solid mahoghany. The dividers are made from Peruvian Walnut and the hardware is solid brass. The bar comes complete with a crystal decanter and four tumblers.

The craftsman who created this chest is Captain David Van Haasteren (U.S. Merchant Marine, Ret.). An avid woodworker for all of his life, David’s specialty is designing and creating fine, functional furniture from beautiful hardwood.  When David is not pursuing his hobby, he is employed as an engineer and travels frequently to Europe.  David and his family reside near GreenvilleSC.

This year’s chest was collaborative effort between David and PHWFF founder Ed Nicholson, who also worked together on the walnut fly tyer’s chest which was auctioned at the 2013 2-Fly Tournamant.   David expended over 150 hours crafting this exquisite chest. Similar manufactured chests retail for over 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Nonnemacher Fly Rod

Nonnemacher Rod's is honored to provide to the highest bidder, either a two or three piece custom bamboo fly rod paired with a beautifully hand crafted Saracione trout MK IV reel at this years PHWFF Silent auction. Be sure to check it out Saturday night.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Rose River Farm Map-- click it to expand view

Regal Fly Tying Table from JANTECH

Another donation to the 2-Fly-- the ultimate fly tying table. You won't want to miss this one. Thanks JANTECH !

Regal Engineering One of a kind vise

Regal has created a special vise for this years 2-Fly event. Embedded in the base unit is a coin with Project Healing Waters stamped into it. This is a beautiful vise and one of the easiest to use. Make sure to check it out at this years silent auction.

Steve Silverio Fly Plate

Check out this wonderful Fly Plate created and donated by Steve Silverio.  Steve is a master at tying and his flies are really pieces of art.  This specific piece was from the 2012 2-Fly event but Steve is working on an even better Fly Plate for this years event.  Thank you Steve for your contribution.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Rose River Cabins

Rose River Farm is putting up a weeknight stay in one of their luxury cabins. These cabins are amazing and there are so many things to do in Madison County like hiking and wonderful fishing. Thank you Douglas for all you do for PHWFF. Check out the cabins here

Yeti Cooler for 2014 Silent Auction

Yeti Cooler's has donated one of their YT65 Coolers for this years 2-Fly Silent Auction.  There is no better cooler out there.  Thank you Yeti for your support of PHWFF.
Harold Harsh with Spring Creek Outfitters has donated a 2 person full day float trip on the North Branch of the Potomac.  This is a wonderful trip with lots of great fishing.  Thank you Harold for your support.