Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Custom Made Fly Tyers Chest

This hand crafted, solid cherry and walnut fly tyer’s materials chest took over one hundred hours to build.  All of the dovetail joints were cut by hand, and each of  drawers was custom fitted. The chest will hold an impressive amount of fly tying materials or fly fishing equipment. The top compartment can be used to display a dozen or more fine reels or fly collections. 

The craftsman who created this chest is Captain David Van Haasteren (U.S. Merchant Marine, Ret.). An avid woodworker for all of his life, David’s specialty is designing and creating fine, functional furniture from beautiful hardwood.  All of the wood used in this chest was resawn and milled from rough stock. When David is not pursuing his hobby, he is employed as an engineer and travels frequently to Europe.  David and his family reside  near Greenville, SC.
Thank you David for this amazing piece of furniture.

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